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She lays there with the blood coursing ever so slowly through her veins
dying in her agony... atrophy from the
antagonizing sorrow of the pain she feels in side...
her eyes are glazy and cloudy
as they roll back behind her
"i can't do this" she coughs as her breaths draw shorter
where is that light?
that tunnel light that is made to bring her home?
she realizes that it's not there...
she sees that it's not the time of her passing
so she finds the strength inside her...
her heart beats a little bit faster...
her pain fades into wellness
and her strength pics up...
her eyes open as the tears fall from her eyes
and she rises.
she gets up...
guns ready and gloves on...
watch out world.....

if you wanted her down you shoulda kept her there...
cause now that she's up and ready...

you won't know what hit you......


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

use that life experience as a motivation to inspire you and be greater
this is an amazing poem
took courage to express this particular piece-keep writing
it wasn't your time to go-great job

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