I'm Human, But Not Of Your Species

Wed, 01/13/2016 - 17:31 -- mcsyl

we're dead while living.

we're living

but not breathing

we were alive

before being born,

we grow without growing

we see without seeing

we hear

but not everything

we know

but the tiniest portion

and we're magnifying glasses.


we are short, but aim high

we are tall, but reach no further

we are dying

but with every last breath

we fight.

we are brillaint but illusioned

we are insane and caged

we are evil with human skin and bones

then the real monsters shed

then we hide and seek

the one who is last standing

is the one who gets the blame

we are amusing

to those who try and fulfill their duties

we are stupid in everyone's eyes

we are flawed big time

but we deny it,

we wish the things we don't believe in, to others

we hang on someone else's last hope

and let them fall

we through stones

behind the force field,

we coward behind the strong

we coward behind the weak

we are lower then the lowest

we think higher then no ever

we laugh at the lies we make

we cry at the thought of change

we are everything insane.

I'm human but I'm not of this species.

I see the difference

I listen for the one who has no sound

I think everything that no one thinks was there to think about

I know what they forgot and what they will hopefully learn

I feel things that we forget and hide and cut away

the very things that give us warmth that help us function,

that just create.

I'm human but not with their skin

My skin, has been bruised and cut and mistreated

I have fallen and stayed down

I have been the mat for others' step

I have been someone else's punching bag

I was used as a blow up doll for one to infect and laugh at.

I was used as an angering tool

I have been broken

I have rolled in my agony

I have tasted my own warmth, blood...

I have tried to stop breathing

I have layed down in the house for all agonizers

I have a lot to live for

and plenty then enough to die for.

I have not stopped learning

I have a heart that people use as a pillow

I have arms that i strengthen to help, carry, and warm others

I have a full body capable of every limit.

I push.

I push hard and fall.

I crawl,

I crawl faster.

I get scrapes, cuts, and bruises.

I start to lose my skin.

I still push.

I conquer things that I want and need

I do things that others use me for.

I am not a thing however,

I am human but not of this species.

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