You've Been through Hell and Back

Life ain’t always what it seems, the trials and tribulations never add up to the means, you feel that life is useless but let me tell you why you’re wrong

There’s potential for your future in everything that you do, you’re the strongest person alive even with all the shit you’ve been through, your heart is incredible and your emotions make you strong.

Now sure, shit gets thrown at you all at once, it usually doesn’t stop for a couple of months, your power and will are what keep you going even when you’re physically done.

We all fall down but rise once more, there will always be obstacles knocking at your door, when it comes to the point where your heart’s an open sore, look ahead at your future and you’ll see it was all worth it all along.


Life isn’t supposed to be this unfair, hiding behind the lies and the expressions that you wear, everyone is beautiful in their own special way

Realize that Diamonds are made under pressure, you have to dive all the way to the bottom to find the treasure, nothing is impossible you just have to break it down day by day.

Surround yourself with people who show nothing but love and affection, a support system that loves you for you not for the stuff you give them, people who will forever stick around and always make the bad go away.

A girl or guy who will always provide safety, a backbone to hold you up when life gets too crazy, a love that will shine even when the world becomes hazy, your own knight in shining armor that will help you win the race.


No matter how bad it gets, Life still goes on, flowers still smell as sweet and birds still sing a song, the moon will always shine, just like you because you’re a star.

When it will get better, no one really knows, like a sponge, life too is full of holes, we learn from our mistakes and people will always think less of you than what you really are.

Like I said we are all beautiful, from your eyes to your soul to that quirky voice that you do, don’t let anyone break you down, for in life you can always go far.

Cherish every moment and laugh as hard as possible, Know you are never alone no matter how difficult the obstacle, Know that wherever you are, at least one person will be proud of you, Greatness is your final status and no one else can pass you because you’re the one who set the bar…


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