Steady Feet and Winged Voice

Sun, 10/14/2018 - 22:51 -- TFairch

Mentally I’m falling

Not physically of course.

Physically I’m walking

With a little bit of force.


A smile chipped in porcelain

With bleached out ivories

Never let it fade

Lest they see me falter.


Teeter on the course

One foot then another

A toe out of line,

God I start to shutter.


I slip,

I fall,

A grasp at air,

A hand in mine no tragedy befell.


You held me up

When I could not stand.

You gave me strength

And held my hand.


Me voice it echoed

Within my mind,

You gave it strength

And wings to fly.


My tears now fall

upon the page.

My soul now open

A broken cage.


Your hand still

There to help guide me

I need it not

I’m running free.


Teacher thank you

For your heart,

A future’s mine

You gave me a start.


Miss Lorenz

You thought you taught Agriculture,

How little did you know

You taught me the my future.

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