What is now normal


"I've never done this before can we just take it slow?"

"Yeah don't worry girl i'll be gentle."

"Wait.. you have a condom right?"

"Nah but it's ok I'll be sure to pull out...."

What did you just read? The beginning steps for teen pregnancy.

Not protecting herself and letting in a male whos spent just a little too much time thinking all a relationship is about is a quick bust, Now a few weeks later she learned the hard way he wasn't the one to trust.

Now here's where it gets worse, that innocent girl is only 15 and carried a 3.6 in school, now she has to face a tough decision, abort it or find a way to get a job and drop out of school.

Why drop out you ask? cause all her money she has belongs to her parents, and you know what they'll say when they find out it's pretty apparent.

They'll try to rip her spine out and kill the boy who deflowered their "little angel" when really she consented so is she really an angel?

Welcome to life little girl this all could have been just a bad dream, if you just avoided trusting the boy who just wanted to get under the sheets.

Abstinence isn't completely the right way for it's our nature to reproduce, however we shouldn't have to do it so soon.

The moral of this short lecture, wear a contreseptive or just say no, either that or you could end up having a kid and only yourself to blame for where all your future college money goes.

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