Unconditional Love--The Process to Make it Through

After all the years, a knot once tied

Has fallen loose in mid-stride,

Holes revealed that before were hidden,

By this intricate knot of ribbon,

Smiling faces covering watering eyes

Covered with the knot of one thousand lies.

What we thought to be sacred, was simply time,

To tie the knot, based on childish mimes,

Non-existent grounds of commonality and truths

Broken by the clock of our ending youth.

After eight years of laughing, sharing, and making

A timeline that crosses on multiple flanks,

It is safe to say that the last thing I want

Is to disregard the ribbon that is no longer taught.

Let us put down our weapons, our words and our walls

So that feelings repressed can be heard by all,

And the knot that we tied can be plated in steel,

So that no matter the moment,

And no matter how long,

The knot that we tied will survive today and beyond.  


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