Fairytale princess

Full of incest

Seeing God

She gets down on her knees and prays like a missionary

But how can you sleep like a dog

And then try to fly


Uh-uh no way baby girl

Not today


You walk around town with your head down

Whining and wishing

But your not Pushing


Your shooting

But your aiming to miss


You may have grown up on the wrong side of the tracks

Good girl gone bad

And you've seen a lot of things in your life


A bullet and two knifes

Good dude, black night

Wrong place, right life


And you're not smiling now

You're wishing it would all go away

You started out on the right path

But went down the wrong very fast


Few bucks a good laugh

But now it’s a lifestyle

And you are  crashing fast


So P.U.S.H girl

But you can’t pray when you still lay in dirt


Dust your self off and then P.U.S.H


Don’t walk in church and go right back in the garden

It may be missing its hoe

And the streets may be talking

But now when you P.U.S.H

Your  Balllin


Pray Until Something Happens 











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