Optimism is Realism

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 22:19 -- Leen44

I wonder what I can give,

as far as wisdom goes,

  for I am somewhat young and have many years to live.

The cool Autumn wind blows

and I stand here among the trees,

pondering what I can offer,

before I start to freeze.


My perspective is unique

and this is what I choose,

when the world seems ever bleak

peer in to see my views.

I see a world flourishing with life

and filled with opportunity.

The barren times only add to life's immunity.


They say life isn't fair

and it's more like a maze,

but I say do not despair

there are an infinite number of ways

to start and end however you please.

Life's beauty is in it's liberties.


I see the world ready to be explored

like a grand adventure

with so much to do we should never get bored.

The good in life will outweigh the bad

there is no reason we should ever get sad.

Life is amazing.

It needs no better phrasing.


So in times of doubt make it understood

open your eyes to optimism and see all the good.


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