Crimson Fury, Gentle Song

Tue, 05/24/2016 - 23:02 -- KLueke

Words slapped me in the face

With their crimson fury

Without hesitation I let them envelop me

Watering myself in a shower of emotion

Waiting for the pain of his touch to wash away

Wandering through the valleys forged by hate

Writing script upon the walls and

Wilting under the hours before escape

War scenes between myself and truth begin to fade

Warming my cheek with a feathery whisper

“Welcome back to what is yours”

Whistling was heard for miles around

Womanhood was reclaimed and not borrowed

“Worship me for all that I am”

Wound up pain lamented with a single blow

“Wrong me no more” was screeched into the night

Worthiness was found deep beneath my ribcage and

Words caressed my face

With my own gentle song

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