Was it worth the sacrifice?


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No one had strength or courage.
Walking on in the oven like desert.
Living with fear frighten by the thought of getting caught.
I have just one question to ask.
Was it worth the sacrifice?

Leaving everything you own to live a new life.
Were you ready to learn new things?
You came to this world like a lost puppy.
You came in a new world with a new language and a new lifestyle.
I could never do that.
That’s too much to handle.
Was it worth the sacrifice?

No matter the stereotypes or insults.
You’re still okay with everything.
Was it worth the sacrifice?

You fell in love and had a kid.
Made the kid see no matter what happens, keep your head held high and never give up.
Life you have is better what I had.
Fight for what is right.
Never back down because it was worth it.


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