We Ain't Got It


Sounds chiming in my head, what

Is that? I think

I roll off the top bunk.

THUMP! Squeak!

 Opps, my bad Mickey didn’t mean to step on MY bedroom floor

I realized I have disturb your scurrying so here

Jump into my backpack and finish those coffee cake crumbs from yesterday’s lunch

Hurry up tho, I leave for school at 8:15am…so you best be outta there by then

SQUISH! My apologies Senior Cucaracha

Last time we met you were sittin’ on my ear drum

Antenna tickling sound cords and what not,

I know you were only exploring new terrain, but still

We can’t take anymore chances


Tell ya cousins to stay out the cereal God damnit!

I like my Rice Krispies sin plagas…gracias

Gotta make haste now!

Where is the cleanest of my dirty clothes? Ahhhh! There you are!

Hold up; gotta get a piece of cardboard

Shoes done

Torn at the bottom, sole all ripped out

No soul to be ripped out


Mamma! I’m leaving for school now…I need a couple dollars

Waits…she grunts

Dat school lunch nasty Ma….

“Girl, you betta go on now! You know damn well we ain’t got it!”


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