Inner Strength


Look around ladies, and tell me what you see
Society's telling us all how to act, look, and who to be
Beyoncé said it best when she woke up without a flaw,
Now raise up with pure confidence, make the doubters stand in awe.
"Then what's my biggest strength?" you ask. "I don't have wit, the brains or stealth,"
But come to think of it my dedication
Is not to be put away on a shelf.
I've never given up, and always fight for what is right
Society has trapped me in a tunnel, but I can finally see the light.
For so long I've shown the world my side that isn't true,                                                                              But I deserve respect and so do each of you.
So I'm telling you today that flaws are not always bad,
They remind us not of weakness, but instead of what we have.
For all the times I've told myself that I can never win,
I now know that nothing could replace the determination that lies within.

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Our world
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