I am who I am,

I am what I am,

I am who I want to be, what I am meant to be,

What I have survived,

What I have struggled.


I am a flower blossoming into a proud woman,

I am a woman made of gold,

I have embers of diamonds dancing in my skin,

A depiction of my rare beauty and wealth in who I am.


I have been through the utmost of things,


let it be known that I am still smilling,

regardess of the burdens that weighed me down i still bear a hunger for greatness,

I will,

I shall be,

I am going to be,

that proud woman that I am meant to be,

that I was called to be.


I shall walk through the flames with radiance rushing through my pores,

because I believe  at the end be I can great,

Be what I was made out to be and what i hoped to be.

Afterall I am great and powerful.


My loved ones call me America,

and I am a woman of gold.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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