Get Off On The Pain

I've seen bullying in my life,
I've been on both sides.
Some people say it's not the place to be,
But I must say...
"I just get off on the pain."
Now, it's been a while,
Since anyone's seen the smile
If me getting hit.
And I like the bruises and the scars,
It makes me feel legit.
I play football, without the pads.
And I like the fights, and all of thise bloodied lights
It's probably why I don't go insane
Because I like the feel of the pain.
After that skin-on-skin
When you catch that grin
And all you'll be able to say is "damn...
He just gets off on the pain."
Throw one more punch
And I'll hit the dust.
But get right back up again.
I'll throw one back, and expect rhe smack.
--- (instant silence)---
Of the next one in the chest.
You can't keep me down
No screams will break the silence of the sound
And at the end you'll know,
And I won't have to say,
That I just get off on the pain.


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