Lonliness seems to hit at all the wrong moments,

Like the wave that hits the shore so violently, even your body shivers.

What is so unexpected is you sympathies with that wave,

You know what it's like to be hit, thrown to the side, screaming so loud your voice is lost,

Lost far, far away, over the coast, past the sand, over young innocence, under old ignorance.


Then you realize to stay strong, sometimes you need to be alone,

Stuck inside your own head, blissfully unaware.

Unfortunately, when you fell that strong, something is bound to go wrong,

Ahh, enter from stage right, Lonliness.


Stronger than you have become, stuck in your head

Makes you panic, can't breathe, even silent tears welling up in your eyes.

Curl up in a protective ball, a fetal position unpenetrable by anything and anyone.


Finally after a good long while, uncurl and stand straight up, pride back in your eyes, stiffen up little soldier.

You did it.


Even Lonliness can not keep you down, you are strong, I knew that from the start.




- Love Will Find A Way -



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