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I was a Stopper, a panic, a coil,
Watching. With Awe. as my life would spoil
Away with fear as I lay in my slumber.
Falsely believing my days were numbered.

They feel the weight of the pressure upon their lungs,
Leaving so many. So Many. words unsung.
Wondering, waiting to be like all the others,
Talking, laughing, belonging without a bother.

The panic makes them their own worst enemy,
Hiding themselves like grime on a penny.
They can't hear over the paralyzing fear of the crowd,
Stopping their lives to avoid the sound.

I am still a Stopper, now a breather, and more.
Stopping the panic before my life will spoil.
You will learn to live and breathe without numbers,
just Focus on reasons to awake from that slumber.


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