Use to Be (From a daughter to her father)


I met you when I was three

You use to be special to me

You became something like my number one

You brightened my world, like the moon and the sun

You were perfectly imperfect, and that was okay to me

You made me laugh and taught me how to fight

Made me feel like everything would always be alright

Next to Mommy I thought you were my other hero

Little did I know you would become a zero

You hurt me so deep

There is so much pain in my veins

I feel insane

Strong, caring, wise

Three words I used to describe you

I hate you

Three words for you now

Or so I thought

Then I dig deeper, and realize you are everything I’m not

You use to be ten feet tall to me

I thought you could never fall

Now I wake up everyday

And I don’t know you at all


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