I Guess You Know

I am starting to realize that you know you were wrong,

Because I was giving you what you wanted all along.

You know that she will never treat you better than me,

And that she can’t give you everything that you want to be.

I overloved you, and I didn’t give you what you deserve,

And this whole time, you have had a lot of nerve.

Of doing me wrong, and then tossing me the blame,

The whole time you were the one who was playing games.

But i have realized that you can’t seem to let me go, 

And this is something that you refuse to show.

How I know that you are starting to have doubts,

Because from the start, you wanted to count me out.

And you were never even willing to give me a try,

And I had always blamed it on the fact that you were shy.

But I should have known better, because this was what you wanted the whole time,

You wanted to trick me and play games with my mind.

I guess in a way, I did the same thing to you,

And I thought that was something that I would never do.

But I have realized that with people like you, sometimes I need to play too,

To show you that I can do it just as good as you.

And I guess you didn’t like that, but that is not my fault,

Because when I was down, you decided to rub my wound with more salt.

You wanted to ensure that you kicked me when I was down,

And it is your problem now that I am no longer around.

You and I both know that you now you made a mistake, 

And one day you will feel the way I did, with all of the pain and heartache. 



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