Rosewood Bloom


"I write to convey my thoughts on what I see in the world,all of the pains, hypocrisy, and all eschalons of beauty, especially that in nature. I've always fancied writing, even when I was a little tike and I didn't have much of vocabulary to use at my disposal. Slim pickings at that time, but with the combination of my adoration of literature and writing, it naturally grew. And this is a piece to show how far I've come." -James



Have you ever seen a rose prosper in a winter wonderland? Fatal frost necking at its very stem. Attempting to abuse the striving amaranth. One able to withstand the disarming bitter chill, the tastes of reality. A pain that reels you back into the clutches of the calamity that we use to coin the term life. But do you fully understand what you did to mine?


You denied me absolution for my supposed sins against humanity and you know not you do..


You urged this chaos to reject resolution and yet you know not what you do..


You urged this despair to take solitude in my soul and you see my silent cries enunciating the stigmata you have ushered into the holy temples of my heart and yet you know not what you do...


You revived me....


I thrived opposing the oppositions that so pushed me ever closer to the lips of death, those very lips breathing life into me. As you so sickeningly spliced my spirit, you were unaware of the precious power you were generously giving unto me. Your utter lack to recognize my existence gave me strength. Your darkness, to which went through great lengths to shadow, proved an ally to my light inside which you attempted to so selfishly smother.


Yet smother you did, suffocated my reluctance, my doubt, and my despair as well. Yet pray tell, I dare say I am that rose. Yet, never have I bloomed so blatantly behind this blackness.They strived to tear me apart. It started with uplifting words of hypocrisy, attempts at twisting the balances of my heart.


But they never knew one cannot know darkness if one has never seen the light. One cannot embrace peace if they have never held witness to the fight. One cannot intimately know the heat if they have never kissed the cold. So again, boldly, I ask, have you ever seen a rose prosper in a winter wonderland?





MVP-Most Valuable Poet


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