Courage is a free creature, who soars among the clouds.
Its feathers are lined with hope.
Courage is powerful, talons sharp and firm. Courage is fragile, so easily shot from the sky. Courage is fast, easy to lose.
It is the fluttering of your heart's wings.
The sound of its flight.
Courage is freedom.
Strength is the snowcapped grey.
Its roots run deep and hold.
Strength is easy to find, but hard to keep.
Strength is more than merely it's physical form.
It grows inside your heart and hardens your soul.
Strength is endurance.
Love is the gentle flutter of a wing.
Its colors are shown for all to see.
Love is the warmth that claims your heart and spreads to your toes.
Love is an impossible beauty.
It comes in so many colors.
So many forms.
Love is passion.
Hope is the sound of wind chimes on a summer breeze.
Her music travels through the branches to the tallest trees.
Hope is your heart trying to fly from your chest.
Hope is happiness.
Life is a mixture of many feelings, like the colors of feathers on a peacock.
It is mesmerizing and beautiful.
It is dark and mysterious.
Life is both good and bad.
Life is an enigma.


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