All I Want

I am upset with myself because it took me so long,

To realize that I have been approaching the situation completely wrong.

I never understood why it was taking me so long to do this,

And why every time I was trying to accomplish it, I would always end up with a miss. 

But it was because this whole time, I was going after the wrong thing,

And I wasn’t sure of how much pain and suffering this would bring.

The truth is, I wanted to hurt you the same way that you hurt me,

Because you were never able to see all of the things that you and I could be.

I have finally realized all of the reasons why I was never able to succeed,

And it feels as if I am finally freed.

This isn’t about anyone else because I am finally doing this for me,

And it doesn’t bother me anymore if no one is able to see.

That regardless of whether or not I fail, I have been good rough this whole time,

Because I was able to keep going, even when I wasn’t feeling fine.

Regardless of what is going on around me, I can’t stop,

Because that is the only way that you can ever make it to the top.

People like you have planted those seeds in my head,

And I remember every harsh word that you have ever said.

By doubting myself, I have been feeding into all of your desires,

Because people like you never want to see others succeed, and you will never want me to reach 


Especially when it comes to me, because you did everything in your power to tear me apart,

But you have never dealt with someone who has so much heart.

No matter how hard you try, breaking me into pieces is something that you will never be able to 


And as much as I would like to, I would never do those same things to you.

Because something in you is broken, and it is not something that I am going to fix,

And I am rebuilding my life, and you were the one who was throwing me the bricks.

This time it is different, because it is not about anyone but me,

Because from here on out, I am the only one who is holding the key. 


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