Big booties

I guarantee these girls have cooties

Their luxurious life

Causes me strife


Kardashian is their name

Media scandals are a part of their game

The whole country following their existence like it’s some sort of infectious disease

Can’t we just get some decent people in this world please?!


Why do they captivate our society?

A Kardashian fan supports a life of disgraceful impropriety

Is this truly what our world is coming to?

Allowing this family to become the ultimate sex symbol lifted upon a pedestal


Sex sells. Sex sells. Sex sells.

This shouldn’t be where our culture dwells

These lustful desires shouldn’t lead to our demise

It’s time for humans to get wise


I don’t want to live in a world where my body is an object

I speak for all women when I say we deserve respect

Idolize those that inspire

Women that will lift our status higher


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