How Much Do I Love You?


United States
37° 54' 40.5828" N, 92° 25' 15.1356" W

How much do I love you?
How much do you care?
What I would do for just your kiss and your stare?

These questions frequently run through my mind.
Sometimes it scares me, I wish I could hide.

I'm loving all of you,
With all that I have.
To feel the same in return,
I want you so bad!

Tell me you love me.
Tell me you care.
Talk to me when you miss me.
Speak up when you're scared.

I will never judge you.
Nor will I ever gloat.
I am not your enemy.
I'm here to help you float.

Hold me tight when you kiss me,
Share our celebrations and faults.
It's you I want to spend my life with.
I believe you have it all!

You have the strength to keep me balanced.
The voice to ease my mind.
The scent that calms my spirit.
And a heart that fits with mine.

Let us build a love to last.
Constructed with loyalty, faith and trust.
No one will ever doubt our love.
Everyone will want "us".

Let us argue to test our love.
Fight to defend our honor.
Let us play to pick on one another.
And scream just to see who's louder.

A life to live.
And a love to keep.
For you my love, you make me complete.


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