November 26th, 2016

November 26th, 2016

I sit in my room




Welcome to seventeen year old me

Currently crying that you probably did not get into your top choice for college

Currently hoping that your boyfriend will overcome his battle of addiction in this life

Currently surviving

You receive the news that your friend's mother has passed away from ovarian cancer this morning

Nobody even knew she was diagnosed with cancer two years ago


Tears well in your eyes for life has thrown knives and swords at you

And you think how it is possible life could become so psychotic 

I am only seventeen what do you expect me to do?


You are alone

But as you sit on your bed

You realize something

You are simply going through the steps to overcome





Number One: Crying

Number Two: Hoping

Number Three: Surviving


You cry until you cannot cry anymore

You hope to still keep that flame inside you burning

You survive because yes you may be only seventeen

But you have experienced things beyond your years


Your life is a gift

The wrapping paper may be crumpled and torn at the edges

But the present inside is you

If anything

You are a gift to life

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