Determination and Inspiration

Sun, 10/06/2013 - 01:11 -- xixi743


I struggled against my restraints

I was forced here,

into a cage

I wasn't meant to be locked away

I have things to do,

Places to see,

People to meet


A prisoner beside me screeched as darkness crept into their heart.

I had to stop it,

This couldn't go on.

The darkness crept closer to me,

Reaching for my toes,

Pulling itself closer.

It thought my end was near

But I knew it wasn't.


I heard that the darkness could do many things,

bad deeds.

Things so wretched that no person lived to tell their story.

I wouldn't be one of those people.

I would escape.

I had to.


With a surge of strength i broke my restraints that held me down

I had family and friends waiting for me.

I wasn't there for them,

But I promised I would be.

I will be.

I promised that I would protect them.

And I will.


I pushed the darkness away with a thrust of my arm

It pushed back with an inhuman strength,

But that wasn't going to beat me down.


My heart had grown strong

Stronger than human

My heart is bright with hope

using my light I obliterate the darkness

I escape my cell and open the door to freedom.

I open the other doors around me

Doors to cells like my own.

I shouted to other prisoners words of encouragement,

urging them to break their bonds.


As I retell my story some ask me,

"why did you help the others?

Freedom was before you.

You could escape,

run away,

and forget the prison of darkness."


I answered with the memories of my friends and family at heart,

"Without others I wouldn't be the person I was today.

Those people have to have the chance of being someone's friend.

They may have family.

They have the chance

To inspire hope,

When all was



Aim For Hope_21

This was inspiring to me. Thank you so very much for sharing.

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