For What It's Worth


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For what it's worth, I know my worth, I know I'm beautiful--
Not just on the outside, but everywhere else past the naked eye.
For what it's worth, I"m confident and I love my complex life.
I refrain amounts of resilence that the most stubborn man could not deny.

The world is a pair of hands, and we are continuously enveloped in its ways.
Where we are unable to conform, we begin to feel ostracized and utterly defeated.
People lack the urge to be individuals-- they want to be accepted.
Satisfaction is an ordeal that we often long for, but really seldom reach it.

For what it's worth, you have the freedom to be just ONE--
Unnumerical, consisting of only the strength inside yourself to stand alone.
For what it's worth, a fail to be them, is a chance to be only you.
Where they neglect, you can accept. And of your possessions, you can own!

Among the smiles there is a frown that can not be depicted.
This smile is troubled by hardship and is unable to inact natural motion.
People have tribulations that strip them of this body sense--
The result is sorrow, and for the heart, no longer is proud devotion.

For what it's worth, no situation is worth a loss to triumph.
The garden of sins, although remembered, is not even with regret.
For what it's worth, occasions are not to be loathed at all.
If the seed can learn to injest the water, there is more growth yet.

In the minds of all who do not appreciate the ace they have been given,
There lies no sense to these words I speak-- to them no one understands.
No love, no happiness, no laughter, no sympathy, no voice--
No longer wanting to meet the standards of life's contentious demands.

For what it's worth, you should know your worth, you simply are beautiful--
Times are rough, and you've had enough, but it's worth one more try, you know.
For what it's worth, an easy departure is in the act of a true coward.
In successing past all of the pain, you will find it was only an introduction to the show.

For what it's worth, I know it hurts and you want to take this hurt away.
You lie in secret, with no one to share your heartache, you do not want to be judged.
For what it's worth, I already commend this flower that has kept on growing, despite--
I understand, myself, I have felt it too! But less should take on this road often trudged.

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This is amazing! Your word flow is off the chain and if this were Twitter I'd retweet this and follow you. :) keep up the good work, I'm eager to read your other poetry.

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