From the Ashes We Rise

Insipred by the 2012 Waldo Canyon and 2013 Black Forest fires in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


A Spark, a flare,
A fire rises in the air.
The heat. the smoke,
Our eyes water and We choke.

The flames spread,
And Our houses, Our memories,
Burn, burn to the ground.

Trees dead,
Our home wreathed in flame.
Burns till there is naught but ash.

We cry and cry,
And curse Our gods.
Our tears put out the flames.

When all is quiet,
And stillness takes hold,
A new fire is kindled.

A fire of grace,
And of love.
A fire We all share.

And from the ashes We rise.
To rebuild Our memories and Our home,
A fire inside ignites.

From the ashes We rise.
To not search for hope for Ourselves,
But create it for all those We love and cherish.

From destruction,
We find mercy.
From despair,
We find strength.

From grief,
We build happiness
From guilt,
We build love.

From all that was lost,
We Find all there is to gain.

From the ashes of the flames,
From the ashes of the fear,
From the ashes of the past,

From the ashes We rise.


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