We are all Malalis

Mon, 01/07/2019 - 05:58 -- Romii

What makes us human?
It's not our nationality,
Not our ethnicity,
Not our complexion,
Nor occupation, social stature,
Age, gender, religion, body size, hair texture, nor the colour of our eyes.
Merely the way we think, how we survive.

We are all Malalis, hiding behind burqas, covering our hearts with chadors.

Your lifetime spent in sorrow, trade your father for a tommorow, your sister for nan.
You've never seen a proper building, only rubbles and fire.
Moving from your home to a room, running around as a boy to feed your mother.
The laughter has died, your hope withering, water is scarce.

But i beg you to rise up!
Run into that field and fight your own war.
Though they have planted landmines, you will navigate your own path,
They will cower before your wrath.
Cause you are strong, with all of your cuts and bruises,
You are smart, they forbade books but you read darling, you read for a dollar.
You are brave, to conquer the wars before and this the final one for the day.
Darling you are a Malali,
Run into that field and remind them of their strength, remind them of their intelligence, remind them of their bravery.
Cause we are all Malalis.


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Our world


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