Starting Fresh

Thu, 10/15/2015 - 14:38 -- Cyko101
Every step taken, brings you towards something new
A fresh plain an even higher plateau 
Do not take anything to heart
For its fragile yet constantly resilient 
Always able to beat on 
There will be those who try to break it
Those who try to take it
Understand there is still hope for you
There is always someone who still cares
Even if it is only you 
Search for the people who
Won’t take advantage, won’t discourage, rather will encourage
To believe you are worth it
To believe you have something to bring
It may not be much, yet it’s yours
Original, can’t be remade or even duplicated 
People who find themselves in the dark
See how bright you shine and despise it
They will come at you harder than ever
For once below you, they grab at the ankles
Forcefully bringing you down to their level
Yet if you find yourself in the dirt
Wipe it away, anything and everything can be washed
Even your past, even repeated actions
For with tomorrow, there is the unknown 
Unknown is the power that comes from within
Knowing you do control all your actions all your influences
Good, bad it’s forever around you
When cornered without a clue 
Rely on the people who are true
People that push your toward a better tomorrow
And if you have done wrong, let go
They care about it as much as you keep it as a care
Get rid of it, realize the mistake and move on
Keep it only as a memory, a picture or a memoir 
The moment you put it as the past
It becomes behind you 
And anything behind you, can be called history
A lesson learned.
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