The room reeked of the smell

Of my parent’s disownment,

Once again

I was back in crazy town.


They didn’t understand

How sick I felt,

How their words shot me down,

How much pain they left me in,

How I had to fend for myself.


The bottle seemed reasonable

Just a small rest,

That’s all I need,

But it was taken from me.


I may have been sick

And maybe I still am,

But the pain they made me feel

Strengthened me.

It thickened my blood,

Prepared me for the fight

That I would have to endure.


Through all of this,

I became stronger

Over this last year.


I became mighty

And all powerful,

I began

To love myself.


For the first time in years

I took care of me,

And I am now beginning

to see myself

in a whole different light.


This year beat me down,

But in the end,

It made me steel.


This poem is about: 
My family



I think this is a powerful poem. Keep up!

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