Ra Power

The sting of a ray,

its yellow gleam in a deep egyptian valley.

The suns ray is not from the ocean, but exists anywhere and everywhere.

searching for its next victim, to claim.

Power resides within, it harness those rays.

As you ascend to the top you draw the power from within.

Ra helped me get there, with the feeling of dryness between my finger tips. 

The rocks in this valley feel warm, yet give me energy with every move. 

Statically, I get further and further to my end goal. 

I stand still, fear throbbing through my body on this ledge.

I hear a voice, it was not mine, or the belayer beneath, but a new voice.

Ra he said, that is all I heard. 

When I turn my head I see the figure, slightly awkward, yet powerful.

He gave me his strength, Ra has the rays I was searching for.

I extend my arm as he gives me the feeling of FrictionLabs.

This is what I needed, the best chalk on the market. 

I got to the crux, and Ra was watching.

If there one person watching, the god of this sun shall not be dissapointed.

With his power, and his chalk I flashed this whole valley.

Ra was free soloing up this valley in the egyptian mountains.

He made it looks easy.

After all, Ra is the power of the sun, with all his Ra power.

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