Broken Glass


United States
38° 34' 39.1224" N, 90° 41' 12.4584" W

I’m a professional at wearing a mask,
but once I’m off the stage it starts to crumble
and I’m left standing with myself.
Looking into a mirror that reflects the past
Of another person’s life.
Something sad and dark and looming in the shadows
Something hurtful and painful and burning at the edges
Of the happy mask, the one I wear.

I’m in another persons’ shoes
Wearing her clothes, and smiling her smile.
I’ll walk a mile in the light,
But once I’m off the road the soles fall apart
And I’m left standing barefoot
Unable to stand the broken glass under my feet.
The brokenness of the other girl’s life,
The one without the mask.

I am stronger now
I can wear the sturdy shoes of tomorrow
And leave the broken shards from yesterday
I turn and leave a trail of pain
But barefoot worries are left far behind me
The false accusations of the mirror
As the mask falls to the ground
My true self shines


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