Rejection at its Finest

Wed, 03/13/2019 - 19:16 -- GM2021

Fear can be a paralyzing thing.
It keeps us from taking risks,
from putting ourselves out there,
from making ourselves completely vulnerable.
However, sometimes getting out of your comfort zone can prove to be a good thing.
It can help you grow emotionally,
It can help you learn from experiences,
it can help you make better choices in the future.
One type of fear that most— if not all people know, is fear of rejection.
This kind of fear is one of the worst.
It causes you to close yourself off to people,
not to trust new people,
and makes new relationships harder and harder to make stronger.
However, overcoming this fear can be one of the best things for you,
as living with the “what if’s” can sometimes be even worse than getting rejected.
Having a distinct answer can be so much better than the constant wondering, worrying, and wishing.
Speaking from personal experience,
putting yourself out there can be terrifying,
but knowing for sure rather than guessing gave me piece of mind in the end.
No, it was not the answer I was hoping for;
and yes, I did get rejected.
But the old phrase, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” really is true.
At least I got something,
at least I can stop thinking about it,
at least I can now move on.
At least I got some sort of answer,
Because living in fear;
Isn’t really living.

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