Helpless Struggle

I woke up alarmed, the darkness asked to come in.

"The devil lives inside of me" she said with a crooked grin.

I looked into her bloodshot eyes, no soul within.

She grew quick to anger and drool came pouring from her chin.

Belligerent she became seconds after answering the door.

I begged her to stop and I pleaded for no more.

She insisted I was the problem, wishing to even the score.

Her heavy head soon laid flat on the floor.

A struggle with the devil I wished to an end.

A battle between good and evil I knew I could not win.

I remain powerless as the devil stands angry.

I know that there is always a strong presence with me.

I am protected and she will never strike,

For I am loved and the devil is very little liked.

Her pity is used as a clever tactic.

She wants to disguise her evil manic.

An enemy and a foe I desire to not know.

The longer she is with me the stronger I will grow.

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