Almighty Mother


United States
34° 1' 59.5956" N, 117° 54' 26.3664" W

In The Land of the Wild,
Her heart blooms in the Rainy Jungle
The mist falls on the Weary Soul
Her mind solely reflects
Of the image she’ll soon regret
Holding flowers in her hour
Is her time well spent?
Will her visions see through the foggy weather?
Can the crystal ball tell what dangers she’ll be left with?
The clocks rise up and wander off
Flies into outer space
Down come the meteors
Hitting this troubled land
She gazes upon her hand
The tattoo on her finger has faded away
The ink from the pen shall dry
And leave it all to rest
The mess made in a shattered home,
Downsized to a small complex home
She stands with boulders over her shoulders
Tiptoed on the edge of the cliff
Stepping on too many cracks,
But she stands straight up
Dealing with all the anger and stress to…
Allow her to power through the hour
Holding out her hands to her
3 Blind Mice
Help them see reality and seek morality
Make them visualize how the ultimate truth
Can be as brutal as the devil wants them to
Her natural strength propels at the highest stakes
Nothing can stop her in her grounds
Angel wings will always tarnish what demons bring
She is…
The Blossomed Flower
Grown in the Wild Jungle
The Tiger Eyed, Lion Hearted Warrior
The higher hopes and praises one can ever bring
Her Love is cemented
And will always stay Alive
The life of truth and hunger
Of the Almighty Mother


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