Your Love

I was strong.
I was stronger than you ever wanted me to be.
I was strong in the face of your words, your actions, your “love”.
You called me weak.
You pushed me down and told me I could never get up without you.
“Baby, you need me.”
Why did I believe you?
“Baby, I love you.”
The biggest lie of all.
Remember the first time I tried to leave?
“You’ll never do better than me. No one could love someone so weak.”
I always believed you.
“Do you need to see how weak you are?”
I was so weak. Too weak to leave.
But not too weak to hide your “love”.
Your love that blossomed across my skin like ink,
writing your words on my body in the worst way.
New love covered old love until it formed a mottled story.
It took too long but finally I could read the words of your love, spun into a tale of hate.
I didn’t believe you anymore.
I wasn’t weak.
I was scared.
And it was time for me to face my fears.
I am strong.
I am stronger than you ever wanted me to know.
I am strong despite your words, your actions, your hate.
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