Angel-Headed Hipsters


United States
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Angel-Headed hipsters
Lend me your ears
For I constantly find myself wondering
How many of us are really here?
How many of us are truly living our lives
And how many of us are simply allowing society to live for us?
Dictating what we should and should not do.
Replacing the importance of kindness
For the popularity of being crude.
Allowing others to say who to help
And who to leave helpless.
Not eating what satisfies
If we deem it has too many carbs or calories.
Leaving the homeless pennyless,
While we comfortably sit back comparing salaries.
Criticizing someones wardrobe
because they bought it at Hot Topic,
Instead of from the All American Eagle.
Headlines that can't produce a single hero,
But save a space for the rich and regal.
Living in fear of our own good neighbors
Too frightened to invite them in to a nice dinner party.
Letting our government displace individual privacy
In exchange for a false sense of national security.
We are living in a masquerade
Too afraid to remove our veils.
For ending the facade would mean
Drawing attention to ourselves
While others are oblivious to their own charade.
This life you live,
This life we live is not a game.
So why let the world tell you how to play?
Go on, free yourselves from the bonds and chains.
Step up, step out
Go ahead and why not shout.
My brothers, my sisters,
Angel-Headed Hipsters
The Message is loud and clear
For the Truth you see, is right here.



As I look around I constantly see a continuous downfall of the moral state of our society along with an absence of personal rights our fathers and their fathers before them took for granted. We live in a world where vulgarity in the media is considered entertaining simply because it is not the norm, but soon it will become the norm. It is no longer uncommon to see camera everywhere we go and how long will it be before we deem it common to have cameras in our own home in the name of security? This was a poem I wrote calling for the need to take a close look at the world around us and a call for a possible re-evaluation.

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