Hidden strength


When my soul died I felt nothing,


But the wind tapping on my shoulder.





I looked over to see the thoughts of my insanity.


Do the flowers dance to tell my story?


Do the waves scream to share my pain?


Why does it have to be like this?


Living in a body with no soul.


Living a life with no meaning.


Do the clouds cry for my sorrow?


Does the wind sing to taunt me?


What have I done to deserve this cruelty?


Why is my mind programmed to fail?


I was left out in the blistering rain without protection.


The body with no soul is now wilting


Does the wind throw sand in my eyes to blind me?


Does the water that once shared my hurt, now drown me?


I discovered an ounce of power.


I discoverd an ounce of strength.


Will God ever give me something I cannot handle?


I will now build upon this new found will


to ressurect my body and soul


and raise it to be more powerful


than it has ever been before.


I am indestructible .









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