Wed, 11/04/2015 - 10:28 -- kpotkay

When I was younger I thought adults were made of armor.

Skin so tough no one could harm them.

They knew everything, they couldn’t be stopped.

My eyes beamed at the sight.

I couldn’t wait to be taller, stronger, and smarter.


Then I grew up and realized how delicate their armor was.

When I had to be the backbone for my father

Tears dripping down his cheek for the first time

When he slapped me across the face.

Please, no, I don’t want to hurt you like my father.


He wept, and I felt his glass armor beginning to break

Falling to the floor.

How silly I was to think adults were made of something stronger.


We are HUMAN.


We are all imperfect doing the best we can

In a world where you turn on the TV and see a convicted man.

I wanted to be someone big, change all these flaws,

Yet here I am, I guess I can’t fix them all.


I have made mistakes,

Took one too many drinks.

Walked home alone, even though I know I shouldn’t be on my own.

Classic case.

These are high stakes.


I thought the world was a perfect place,

But I can’t not answer my phone

Making my parents think I am dead, and alone.


Still the kids I babysit look up at my armor

And they can’t wait to one day be taller, smarter, stronger.

I wouldn’t say the world is a disaster

But kids you must know this armor has been






The world is beautiful,

But it has many flaws

Too many to say them all.

Yet, I am who I am because I am strong.


My muscles are not big

And I am not tall.

I would say I am smarter,

But not smarter than them all.


Sometimes I go left when I should go right,

Sometimes I trust others who bite.

My armor has been wounded,

But I am who I am because I am strong.


I love those who are kind, without any tricks.

I laugh more than others do.

I smile at a stranger passing by,

Sometimes I even say hi.

Because even in a world where armor is thick

We all know that something has penetrated it.


We are all HUMAN


And I am who I am because of these things.

Yet, I don’t let these negative memories define me.

I just know I’m not alone.

In a world that is now taking place over the phone

I try to put it down, just so I can see

Maybe what we all need

Is someone to help glue back together

Our shattered glass armor

That none of us can see.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world





Too long


this is a beautiful poem. 


This is amazing.

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