I am Flawless.


Flawless is waking up at 5:45 in the morning feeling like everything that the world says matters is irrelevant at that moment and I can be successful without doing the common daily routine. Attitude too bold and sassy for the next person to understand , I'm doubted because I believe I'm too flawless to do what everybody else does. To end confrontation I'll stop talking about what I'm capable of and show the world how flawless I am by my actions. I take less than an hour to put on my black silk Calvin Klein dress I got last Christmas and my new Chanel perfume with the black leather Marc Jacob bag and heels to match. These ordinary designer labels don't define my flawless but the world seems to think that's what on the outside matters more so I don't want them sleeping on me. My flawless isn't me doing the latest dance the kids off the block try to perfect. My flawless isn't having the best eyebrows , nails , or curves in a room full of women who don't know they're Queens without all of those things. My flawless is excelling in my classes , having great opportunities that not many can say they were offered . My flawless is being accepted into institutions the bystanders claimed I could never be apart of , it's not the twist in my walk or the flip of my hair. My flawless is doing better than good enough and still being able to tell everybody "I woke up like this" if they have enough courage to ask. Now if that ain't flawless , I don't know what is.


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