strength of a mother


troops surrounded the palace

corpses of soldiers strewn all about the place

carrying the only heir in her womb

Hemangini travelled through a journey

where the sight of future is unknown

experiencing a horrifying adventure

that no male can ever even imagine of

she raced through the dense forest

being chased by the enemies

her round fair complexioned face that conveyed gentleness

breeze played with the strands of her hair as she ran through

eyes which portrayed her steely determination to save her child

her red colour kanchipuram saree fluttered in the breeze

running with stains on her legs

bearing the heaviness of heart

pain shivering down her spine

her breathe reminded her that she is alive

caressing the child in her womb she whispered

come what may I will never let you die

shoulders slumped with helpless rage

knees buckled under her as she collapsed

an aura of magic filled her body

when she heard the first heart beat within

she regained her strength and rose to her feet

her child was the light that filled her darkness

she fought back her tears to wipe off her child's

the motherhood taught her to be strong

she came out the other side stronger than ever

staring at the enemy with unblinking eyes

she drew her sword from the scabbard

casting her pallu aside not to interfere with her fight

she plunged the sword deep into the enemy's heart and made her way

she is not beautiful but much more than that

an incredible strength of a mother to save her child

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