I Am Not Afraid of Fear

I am not afraid of fear, But yet he calls my name. Calling me, and taunting me, And putting me to shame. And though his voice cries out, I will not lend my ear— I will not bend my will— To the one that they call fear.   He knows I’m not afraid of him, And soon he’ll let me be, And soon his lines will flee my mind, And I will be at peace. “Soon” I tell myself. “Soon.” I say. “Hold on.” But until that final moment, I’m held here by his bond.   Yet I am not afraid of fear And I want him to know: Though he will loose his grip on me, I’ll never let him go. I’ll hold him down And hold him under, Curse his name with Voice like thunder.   In payment for his years of glee, I’ll make fear afraid of me.  

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Our world


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