Moving On with the Lion Inside Me



I’ve begun to realize

the strength

of the human spirit.

How much

pure tenacity it takes

to decide to continue.


I've begun to realize

that I’m

more than a brain,

more than

a walking body that

maybe has thoughts.


I’ve begun to realize

that we

have a spirit,

fighting like a lioness.

Despite protestations

from every angle,

the human spirit demands

that we trudge forward.


I’ve begun to realize

that even

in the deepest recesses of our minds,

when hearts

become playthings,

our spirit still reaches out.


I’ve begun to realize

that rope

can harm or rescue.

That all

we want sometimes is someone

giving us a reason.


I’ve begun to realize

that despite

our minds becoming war zones,

our spirit

still fights on the front lines.


I’ve begun to realize

that humans

are triumphant in every single way

because we

still fight. And that I am triumphant,

because I am alive.


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"that rope can harm or rescue" That is so beautiful

The last phase about triumph is very powerful

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