For the first time in a long time I am writing about being alone, but not in my usual way,

Usually when I talk about being alone, it is in a negative way, and it leaves me with only sad things to say.

For the first time for as long as I can remember, I am genuinely happy with just being me,

And I no longer care about what others see, or worry about being who they want me to be.

At first it was hard, learning to be alone and to enjoy doing things at my own time,

But I finally feel as if a mountain was put in my way, and I was able to make it to the top after a tough climb.

I am no longer that person who sits and waits to hear from anyone, instantly being able to reply,

And for the first time in a while, when I go to bed at night, my eyes are finally dry.

I ahve been working on me, and finally achieving my goals, and I have never been better,

And I realize how much I am in control of my own life and that I am a goal getter.

The funny thing is, I was worried about missing out on life because I had no one to do things with,

But I realized that I can do those same things by myself, and the idea that you need others to have fun is a complete myth.

My head is clear, and I can finally focus on me and my goals without letting my emotions get in the way,

And I realized that even after everyone left, I never needed any of them to stay.

I don't regret anything, because everything does happen for a reason,

And even though it may not seem like it, everything serves a purpose, along with a time and a season.

Even when things got really hard, I can say that I am so proud of myself because I pulled myself out of it,

And I did it with no support from anyone else, because I realized that no one really gives it a shit.

I love my family, and I am so grateful for them that they are always there for the things to come,

And they are the only people that I need, and they help me to remember where I came from.

I have been on a journey to going back to who I was before all those things happened that left me fucked,

Because I realized that those people were never really my friends, and that they all sucked.

No matter what, I pulled myself out of it and I am so proud,

And I am going to keep fighting and remain positive, because the bullshit from other people is no longer allowed. 

I finally set boundaries and I am sticking to them to remain true to myself and my dreams, 

And I can do it all by myself, because I no longer care who is on my team.

I have me, and that is all that I will ever need again,

Because I have nothing to lose, but a whole world left to gain.

I was at rock bottom, and I am slowly but surely getting back to the top,

And this time I am going to keep going, and I am never going to stop.

To anyone who may feel out of place, or may feel like they are all alone,

You may be, and that is okay, because you and you alone are your true home.

You don't need anyone else if you want to succeed,

And once you realize that you are all that you have and need, you will finally be freed.   




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