A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, Or is It? - for the why i write contest


They say a dream is a wish your heart makes

But your heart doesn’t warn you of all the roadblocks it will take:

The sleepless nights,

The negative opinions of even your closest allies,

Society’s judgment,

The tears and disappointment

Until you begin to question your heart,

Do dreams ever really come true?

Why not have a change of heart and a new dream?

So, you begin living out this new dream

This one feels more attainable

This one has fewer roadblocks

You achieve this dream without much effort

And you’re happy

You’re satisfied, but you’re not fulfilled

Your heart still yearns for your original dream,

The dream that caused you all the pain before

The one that had you questioning your heart

But now you realize that dreams can come true

You know that your first dream is attainable,

It may take more faith, effort, strength, and courage

But it will be more fulfilling because it will teach you more

It is the dream that was meant for you,

The one your heart personally chose on its own

And your heart is the reason you’re alive, isn’t it?

Then trusting it is the least you can do.


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