Sun, 07/06/2014 - 17:51 -- Cthoms


I love you. 

The words leap from our lips and entwine in the heat around us,
gathering friction and intensity as they race headlong towards each other,
colliding into a combustion of passion;
burning flames licking eagerly at their surroundings
trying to consume it all,
everything in their path,
roping it into the fiery dance
as I am blinded
by its light and its heat
until I can no longer see what exactly it was that I first said
I love
the way your skin heats mine,
radiating warmth on even the coldest days,
the fires that burn within you
growing larger and stronger with every day,
every touch,
and I can see them, feel them,
trying to reach out and hold me,
wrap me tightly in their grasp
until I am yours forever to have and never let go of...
but your tethers burn my skin,
and those sparks have fanned out of my control,
spreading throughout your entire body
from your fingers to your toes
and even to your eyes,
tainting the sweet light that I first found there
before we were a we,
casting shadows over what I knew then and what I know now,
turning that sweet bright light into dull glowing embers
that can only hint at the things you wanted,
the things I could never give you,
and the things that will only ever belong
to me, myself, and




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