The Boy Who Knew


United States
38° 58' 31.0548" N, 94° 28' 10.8372" W

The church stood on one side
The street on the other
And I was the illegitimate child
scorned to no acceptance
Bound to redefine the limit
that could not be reached
Forced to hide in the shadows
and feign mediocrity
amongst an erratic people
Drowned by the blood in the water
Burdened to submit to the will
of the ignorant child
I do confess that I am troubled
A hopeless pubescent
with an addiction to the
empty pleasures of life
Fated to reside in an incessant
character of shame
A little boy who was told
he shouldn't dream
Crying from Hell hoping his
Gentle Whisper would redeem him
Sigh no more, cry no more
for a soul has been sent
A second person to understand
the man no one knows
My confidence resides in him
A world split at its extremes
Fighting with illusions and truths
Struggling with what life means
Me and the boy who knew


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