Depths Of Despair


shut them out, as I suffer to breathe

Where are the words?

Can we talk instead of scream?

My opinion remains unheard


The violent escapade 

on the frigid ground, I laid

he charged at me, 

my body became comfortably weak


I can't speak

nothing to utter

unable to stutter

the anger from him leaks


killed me with those degrading words

as he sucked the life out of me

made my broken heart burn

my weakened soul dropped to its knees


Nobody can shatter these towering walls,

that accumulate concrete bricks

They never cease or fall

together, they will forever stick


Incapable of trust

my own blood put me to shame

nothing was ever enough

complaints remain beside my name


Being myself is a difficult task

they don't pay attention

to the potential I have

my soul yearns for redemption


Took the slight courage I once had,

reminded me of what I lacked

Blamed myself,

a constant, fatal cry for help


Inside and out,

I was abused

Faceless, defused

Nobody heard me shout


Scars and bones revealed my pain

everyday remained the same

Nobody saw through my blank, frigid stare

stuck in the depths of despair.



Guide that inspired this poem: 



This is a poem about my experience as an adolescent. It describes a very vivid memory of mine, conerning child abuse, that has impacted me throughout my life. I have become strong because of it, and it's one of the reasons why I am the way I am today.


This poem is just unbelievably powerful. I am sorry that you went through this situation. But I am grateful that you were strong enough to make it through that horrible situation. You are a strong person and I hope you keep writing. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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