There's Always Rain on a Sunny Day

I can not fillthis empty void in my chest.

I donot have a constant emotion because they play games of back and forth like playing Red Rover in elementary school, or playing me like their personal game of chess.

To brath in and realize that everything is okayis my end goal.

But to believe that that is possible, does that make me a fool?

I hear the woe of others in the same battl as I, but I willnever tell them that it is okay,

because in their worl there is always rainon a sunny day.

I know that they are not.

So when you ask me if i'm okay,I will plaster a smile upon my face in hopes you can't see my pain, 

just so you can gain happiness out of my false version of it.

When the sun goes away and the rain continues to play, and all of my emotions have everything to say,

Beating me down, and bringing me up is it's way of showing love.

But who is truly in the wrong if I shall ever find my peace in the space of nothingness.

The only reason that i DO not do so is because I could never wish somebody the same pain I go through,

so i sit here today, to make you happy out of my woe.

And allow these emotions to continue to play.

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