A Scarlet Snowflake

Many are aware 
That snowflakes are lone of a kind. 
But countless would spare 
A glance at a scarlet snowflake 
Drifting from the sun’s brimming mind,
Dancing for one’s sake.
She is special, no doubt. 
With a color like blood-red licorice, 
Emitting strength in one delicate shout, 
Could makes one’s wish 
Come alive all the while. 
See that glimmer? 
That’s her smile. 
Nothing compares to that dawning shimmer. 
Some may not want to observe this wonder.
Just how they refuse to observe us.
She is certainly not alone.
Like great, maroon thunder.
She shan’t be afraid 
To have her bold crystals wilt
From the day’s heated raid,
For we and the sky are built
To mend her anew
Through sickness and health; a paid vow.
Yes, hardships are rather hard to shoo
Yet that doesn't mean she can’t know how.
And she will attempt
To thrive in the warm spring;
A place where she doesn’t and does belong.
Even so, forever her palms would sing
A master piece. 
Continue retaining those flaws
That can be so rewarding!
Even if some lunges with scarlet claws,
They cannot outdo your exceptional color.
Although you may want to thaw
Into that crimson river below,
Do not let your hopes be scrubbed raw!
You are unique, without hesitation,
A mighty essence till the closing
What a miraculous creation!
As she prances in dreams when we’re dozing. 
On frosty nights, in the wintry season,
Few might plainly reason, 
“Nothing is more distinct
Than gusts of snowflakes.”
And others might shake their woolly heads:
“Gaze at the auburn rays that the sun had shed.”
And at a distance, so far 
Where families of light would merrily beam,
A scarlet snowflake is spotted
Drifting in the auburn gleam.


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